Brain Gym Testimonials

“Overall, the difference of now being free of what used to be that constant tension in my neck and shoulders is unbelievable. When I woke up the morning after I came to see you, at first I thought my neck and shoulders were sore because I was so unused to the feeling of waking up with them NOT being tense that it felt really strange for it NOT to hurt whenever I tried to move my head!”

Gwen Thompson
Mountainside, NJ

“Before Brain Gym®, my son was a misfiring seeker, yearning to learn with a disorganized toolbox he did not understand. An eager and inquisitive toddler, his developmental learning differences became a source of great frustration, anxiety and overwhelming sadness. Now 15, the joyful and inquisitive spirit we recognized in our three-year old has been restored.”

Valerie Carmody
Haddon Heights, NJ

“I have great news. I was able to show one of my horses at the World Show. I ended up fifth in the World. That is big news for me. It is something that I said I would never, ever do. I do believe that the time that I spent with you has helped me overcome some of my ‘stage fright’. I want to thank you for helping me deal with a lot of my fears of being in front of people.”

Patti Cerio
Mt. Ephraim, NJ