Brain Gym Overview

To live is to move. You move in your home, business and places of learning. Much of your movement has become habitual. When your habitual movements reflect a state of relaxation, you have the ability to receive new learning easily because your brain and movement patterns are congruent.

Now, suppose there was a time in your life when your efforts to learn were influenced by speed, tension or urgency which became habituated reactions to learning. These habituated reactions now show up in the way you move your body which now become habituated movement patterns. So, for example, if math was a stressful learning experience, you might have tightened your jaw or your shoulders to try to learn. Now every time you do math, that habit of tightening your jaw or your shoulders shows up.

Brain Gym® exercises

What if you intentionally relax that jaw or your shoulders every time you do math so the experience can be more enjoyable? Brain Gym® is designed to help your intention by utilizing 26 easily learned physical movements which helps you balance your body through the three ways in which you move: forward and back, up and down, side to side.

Brain Gym® helps you identify and alleviate stress patterns associated with such routine activities of daily life as walking, thinking, reading, listening, using your eyes, or having new learning experiences.

Brain Gym® helps people of all ages who want to enhance their learning skills.
Brain Gym® helps parents assist their children to learn with ease.
Brain Gym® helps teachers assist students with behavioral or learning difficulties.