Brain Gym® Private Sessions/Case Studies

Private Sessions

Private Brain Gym® sessions are 90 minutes. The first 30 minutes of the session I coach the client to clarify what goal he or she wants to accomplish. This is followed by a Brain Gym® balance which combines any of the 26 basic Brain Gym® physical movements and/or repatterning old behavior patterns held in the body. A minimum of six sessions is suggested spread across a three-month period. Clients use the Brain Gym® movements between sessions to reinforce new patterns of physical movement.

Case Studies

Problem 1
Mary was 13 when she began working with me. She had a long history of reading failure. Whenever she read, her breathing became shallow, her left hand fidgeted and her eyes would have difficulty staying on the page. Mary had no idea she was manifesting these symptoms. She just knew she hated to read.

Solution 1
I helped Mary repattern the way she used her eyes, ears and the left and right sides of her body. Mary was able to stay focused while reading and began building her reading stamina. She began to enjoy reading and was able to ascend two reading level grades in one school year.


Problem 2
Don was 45 when he began his sessions with me. Even though his next promotion would be a good one financially, he was seriously thinking of turning it down. Why? Part of his new position would require public speaking. This terrified him.

Solution 2
I helped him notice where he was physically tense and taught him movements that would release the tension. I assisted him with deep core repatterning. This allowed him to hold his body in a way that allowed him to stay centered and trust that he would easily access the words he needed in front of a group of people. Homework for Dan was attending weekly Inernational Toastmasters meetings, a commitment he was now willing to make. He accepted the promotion as well.


Problem 3
Judy was 53 when I met her. The month was May. She disliked her job. She wanted to teach, but the thought of going back to school overwhelmed her. She hadn’t been in an academic environment in years. She didn’t know where to start.

Solution 3
I used a combination of Brain Gym® movements that helped Judy feel ease as she began to organize a plan to achieve her goal. Each session was focused on an action she would take to help create her plan. Homework was accomplishing the action and using Brain Gym® when she noticed stress or loss of focus. Judy registered for a teaching program the following August.