They’re Great Now But Wait Until the Afternoon

I recently gave a Brain Gym® workshop from 8:30 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. to 25 people, teachers and aids, who teach special needs students. I was there to have them experience easily learned physical movements that would support themselves and their students during the school day. As I explained to the participants, Brain Gym® helps them maintain their energy and focus while they work through the many challenges they face every day. I also showed everyone how to adapt the movements to the individual needs of the students.

During the morning break one of the supervisors in attendance disclosed to me how surprised she was at how well everyone was participating. The mood was great. But, they were notorious for losing their focus by the afternoon. She was just letting me know. And I’m sure a lot of her concern centered around a history of endless PowerPoint presentations. I’ve had my own rebellious afternoon moods as a particpant in those circumstances.

Well, that change of mood never happened.  My lecturettes were constantly balanced with getting people up on their feet and trying things out. With music. With laughter. With fun. Word on the street was that everyone learned a lot and enjoyed themselves.

For those curious about Brain Gym®,   is a good place to start.

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